What is Negative Ions?

1. What is Negative Ion?


Negative Ion Generated from Ecological System


Although negative ions can neither be seen nor smelt, they do really exist in nature. It keeps us at the best of our health. Negative ions do not only make us comfortable, but also eliminates harmful bacteria. The ENORMOUS amount of negative ions can be generated by the photosynthesis by plants, lightning, the crashing between water molecules (such as rain and waterfalls), and mineral stones. It is also called as “vitamin to the air”.


2. Ionpaint™ is an innovative paint, which has gone under the NANO technology, IonTech. Under the processing of IonTech, the air purification of Ionpaint™ now can neutralise the unseen harmful substances in the air. Its major purpose is to purify the unhealthy air in the house. Its excellent coverage and adhesion provides a durable and attractive smooth finishing on wall surfaces.

Ionpaint™NanoLite is a premium matt interior paint specially formulated for the Easy Clean purpose. Stains can be wiped off to ensure that the matt finish walls are always easy to maintain the cleanliness at all times. It also comes with Anti Mould and Fungus function.

Ionpaint™是经过纳米技术,IonTech加工而成的。经过IonTech加工后,Ionpaint™能中和空气中肉眼看不见的有害微生物,也具有净化空气的功能。Ionpaint™的主要功能是净化低于健康水平的室内空气。Ionpaint™ 出色的覆盖和粘附力提供一个持久的平滑墙。

Ionpaint™ Nanolite是一种高级亚光泽室内乳胶漆。其特制的超强易洗配方助使污迹容易抹除,墙面亮丽如新,同时保护其免受霉菌和真菌问题。

3. Indoor Air Pollution 室内空气污染

World Health Organisation (WHO):

Every year, there are 3.8 million people died due to stroke, ischemic heart diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer, and other non-infectious diseases. All these diseases are caused by air pollution, and people are dying at the younger ages.


Eurofins, Luxembourg AMCEN, Malaysia Green Label, Singapore
Ionpaint can kill 98.5% bacteria within 3 minutes. Ionpaint has lower concentration of formaldehyde than the control level. IONPAINT is recognized as a green product.
Eurofins, 卢森堡(欧洲) AMCEN, 马来西亚 Green Label, 新加坡
IONPAINT负离子漆可在3分钟内杀高达98.5%细菌。 IONPAINT负离子漆所含有的甲醛是低于所制定的含量。 IONPAINT已被承认为绿色产品。
SGS, Sweden China National Analytic Centre (NACC) Japan Association of Ion Research and Application (JAIRA)
The average reading of negative ions is 999 units /c.c . The saturation of negative ions in the air is 3.5 x 103 units /cm³. The emitting level of negative ions is between 1,000 ~ 10,000pc/c.c .
瑞士SGS 中国广州分析测试中心(NACC) 日本离子研究和应用协会 (JAIRA)
负离子释放平均指数为999个/c.c 负离子浓度为3.5 x 103个/cm³ 负离子释放指数介于1,000 ~ 10,000pc/c.c

Negative Ions Generated From Ecological System

Although the negative ions neither be see nor smell, but they are exist in nature. It helps us to maintain and enhance our general health being.Negative ion not only makes us feel comfortable and it ‘s also can eliminate harmful bacteria. The sun, lightning , waves and waterfall in our motherland will generate ENORMOUS negative ions. It also called “Air Vitamin”.

Negative Ions Impact To Indoor Air

Negative Ions Purify the Blood Test

Antioxidant Capacity of Negative Ions maintain young and beautiful skin

Negative Ions prevents toxins (radical) from damaging skin, Retention of water molecules and Vitamin C in the skin, so that the skin will not be oxidized!

Negative Ions Effect

Indoor Negative Ions content of your home enough?